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Our Vehicles

Audi Q5  40 TDI quattro S tronic, Model 2020  


•  Compact Luxury SUV
•  Panoramic Sunroof
•  Four Wheel Drives it ideal for difficult terrains
•  Leather Seats, Heated Front Seats
•   360 degree Parking camera, Front and rear parking sensors
•  Can accommodate 4+1 passengers with Luggage

Mercedes Benz V 250 Extra Large 4matic: Model 2020

A spacious van that combines comfort and luxury in a large format .

• Four-wheel drive makes it ideal for difficult terrains.

• Dual sliding door, practical for getting in and out of the vehicle at ease. 

• Leather seats, heated front seats, all seats are adjustable, back seat removable

• Can accommodate 6 +1 passengers with Luggage

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